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The current version of PC-DNC Editor is the culmination of many years of writing DNC software. Our good friend Mr Dan Fritz has worked on all generations of the PC-DNC software family since 1981 and is fluent in several programming languages. The latest version of PC-DNC Editor represents a fully featured CNC editor capable of conversing with a wide range of CNC controllers.  If you are seeking a more powerful server based solution take a look at PC-DNC Plus Server

CNC Programs
  Capable of editing multiple files at one time
Cut and paste between files to save programming time
Complex file comparison algorithim to show the differences between two files.
Includes a series of calculators for common workshop issues such as speed and feed rates
Offset, Scaling, Mirror, Inch/Metric and N resequencing saves lots of time for manual programmers
Programmable Mass editing via a special setup dialogue to define what should be edited in Auto mode
Includes a number of different types of communication protocols, Xon/Xoff, Hardware handshake etc!
Serial data I/O speeds up to 115,200 K Baud, combined with individual settings for each of your machines

Drip Feeding direct from the serial port of your PC to your machine tool controller.
     Optional BTR Version

Multi Port Editor
s suitable for older Fanuc and Yasnac controls where there is no standard
  RS-232 port  available.

Commonly Connected to

Fanuc 2000c
  Fanuc 3000c
    Fanuc 5T and 5M
  PC-DNC Editor is a feature rich, low cost solution capable of transfering standard CNC programs as well as Binary data within the system. The software has been designed to cover the editing and communications needs of the those CNC workshops with small budjets but requiring a strong suite of editing functions. Fanuc 6T and 6M
    See also
  Mazatrol Although we offer a fully featured solution for Mazak/Mazatrol machines with our Camlink  software If you are looking for a low cost solution and have a majority of ISO based controllers with only one or two Mazaks then PC-DNC Editor will cover your needs nicely!
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