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CamLINK GB Data Entry

Have you ever wished you had a Mazak controller in your office?  GB Data Entry will do just that for you on your personal computer.  Since 1984 Griffo Bros Inc USA have been working very hard at perfecting what you see on a Mazak in your workshop is what you see on your PC.  Give yourself the power of Mazatrol programs wherever you go using your notebook. You can then email your programs to your machine operators so they can Print  and Upload  your edited programs to the machines even if you are not at work!

Upgrade to GB Geo Entry  and you can then create parts shapes directly from your Cad drawings.

Create Mazatrol programs from scratch on your PC
Edit existing programs
Cut and paste program Units between mutliple programs
Dynamically check the part geometry before sending your programs to the machine
Two way Mazatrol translators available for all controllers both
Create ISO programs from Mazatrol code

The perfect tool for training new staff members rather than tying up your expensive machine tool

Mazak and Mazatrol are registered trade names of Yamazaki Corporation Japan!
For Mazak users by Mazak users since 1984

T2, T3, T32, T+, T64
M2, M32, M+, FUSION


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