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CamLINK GB Data Transfer

Are you tired of wasting time reprogramming your Mazaks!  Well, the Famous Griffo Brothers Camlink software can solve that problem very quickly.  A proven product from this world renowned manufacturer
will talk to all of your Mazaks as well as many other CNC controllers. Griffo Brothers Inc USA not only own
a machine shop full of Mazaks, they also have a full time team creating off-line software for your Mazatrol.

Program storage and retreival
Fully integrated file manager
Recording of Tool numbers and tooling information
Store programs in both Mazatrol and ISO formats
Talks to your Microdisk as well as your Mazatrol/s
Read and write numerous other DNC file formats
Drip feed your older Mazaks with reliability
Links with Microsoft office for setup sheets and historical data
Talk to us now so we can help you talk to your Mazaks with ease!
Options available for:
  Mazak and Mazatrol are registered trade names of Yamazaki Corporation Japan!

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