HEIDI is one of our own software products which was created for some friends who use Brisdgeports with Heidnhain controls.

Written as a simple Dialogue based editor for the standard set of Heidenhain conversational instructions. Heidi makes editing a simple procedure, as the user does not have to worry about the correct syntax for each statement. Simply click on a line and enter the values and the line edit is done!

  Manipulate lines of code with simple keystrokes and hot keys
Easy to understand icons work hand in hand with standard text based pull down menus
User defineable fonts and text sizes
Programs written with Heidi can be down loaded to your control with Heidi's own RS-232 protocol
Inbuilt configuration menus for CNC communications
Prepare special peck drilling cycles which are non standard in the Heidehain
Fast lookup tables for cycles and Q-DEFS
Instant toolchange commands

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