Factory Wiz


The Factory Wiz CNC Montioring appliance simplifies the task of monitoring your CNC's. Each Factroy Wiz allows you to receive alarm notifications, view reports, get real-time status updates and more. Using a web interface from anywhere (even with your smart phone) you will be able to stay in touch with the status of your machines no matter where you are!

Factory Wiz Features  Read a full set of Specifications

Easy to use web interface that you can access from any computer with a web interface.

Supports a variety of new CNC data formats but can still monitor older legacy CNC's by adding a data collection module.

View the real-time status of your entire shop in list form or map form. Shop map can be installed as a separate application on a terminal to drive a wall mounted shop display!

Keep track of cycle times to identify variations and find out if a CNC is spending too much time idle.
  Record alarms, macro variable value changes, offset changes, even individual bits in the ladder that correspond to events, dials, switches, lights and more!     
  Use the Preventative Maintenance module to keep track of when CNC's are ready for mainteanance. Intervals can be set in power-on time, Spindle time or calendar days.
  Use the included standard reports or add your own customised reports using Crystal reports 2008.
  Setup automatic email & cell phone notification when a CNC stops running
Supports the use of bar code wands for additional data collection
  Plus lots more!  

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