Our Company

Established in 1986 as a Company dedicated to excellence in CNC Training, the Company began it's journey towards the 90’s.

  Courses were created based on more than 15 years (at the time) of hands on experience by our Principal
Mr Roger Bonnet, with both NC and CNC Machine Tools within Australasia and Europe.
  As new technologies were implemented courses were changed to suit the trends of these newer CNC controls and machines. With these changes came a new requirement for communications to this new breed of controller, doing away with messy paper tapes. At that time the decision was then made which led the Company into the realm of computer based programming and off-line Storage systems.
  CAD/CAM is now a way of life for the Company and it’s broad base of clients. These include Machine shops, Sheet Metal shops, Toolrooms, and the Woodworking industry just to mention a few. Total Integration together with personalised service have been the key to the success of the Company and it’s longevity.  
  During the 90’s the trend for the use of Personal computers found our client base expanding into many areas, with this growing awareness our existing customers started asking questions regarding various Production Control software. From those questions arose an expansion of our product range into this new and extensive discipline. Now in this new Millenium we can boast a TOTAL SERVICE to our clients and prospective customers.

These total strategies now allow our customers to deal with one Company who will support their needs from the Design and Quoting stage right through the manufacturing process.
  Let us help you manage the holes in your production!

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