System Support


Over the 25 + years we have been in business we have sold, installed and supported many hundreds of systems for both DNC and Cad/Cam programming solutions.  We recognise that these products can still be in active use well after they have been superseeded with newer solutions.  It is good to know that these older products have yielded good results for our customers and  we will endeavour to maintain support for them for as long a possible.

The very nature of software is one of constant evelovement so we welcome the opportunity to show you our newest solutions, however if you need help with our older products we remain committed to helping your business with tools that remain useful to your production needs.

Here is a list of the older products that we can help you with:
  Autocam / Autolink / Cadlink  Punch Press and Laser software
PC-DNC-2 and PC-DNC-3 BTR and DNC Software
  Camline / BoxNet   DNC software
  Sketch Machine and G-Zero  Cad/Cam software

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