Product Overview


CAD/CAM Systems
Solve your Design and Programming problems with the world's "Best of Class" solutions.
Stand alone CAD systems or fully integrated solutions available!
Communicate with your CNC's in a multitude of ways!
One source of supply for all your CNC software needs.
  • Milling, Turning, Wire, EDM
  • Sheet Metal Design and un-folding software
  • Laser, Oxy, Plasma, Water, Etc Etc Etc!
Our product range offers low cost solutions right up to the state of the art programming solutions.
DNC Systems
Start up Kits using simple push and pull communications system.
  • Professional fully Automated communications systems
  • Advanced Machine Tool Monitoring
  • BTR (Behind Tape Reader) systems
  • BTR Software systems
  • BTR Hardware systems
We still even have products for Older windows systems
  CAD Systems  
  • 2D Design modules
  • 3D Wire frame
  • 3D Solids
  • Steel working software for large scale fabricators

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